Session 1 Introduction

About this course

California dominates the U.S. marijuana market accounting for 40% of active marijuana licenses nationwide. Distributor and delivery licenses have increased by 263% and 252%, respectively of the 2nd quarter of 2018, supporting over six thousand four hundred licensed growers. source: Cannabiz media
Cannabis growth and use have sky-rocketed over the last three years and it’s standing in society has gone from medicinal to Illegal back to medicinal. This elevation is a blessing in disguise, the industry being legal allows more money to be made, however being medicinal has brought the scrutiny of many different agencies that were not associated with cannabinoid or hemp growth.

This 1-hour webcast is presented by Dr. Ed Askew who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and is a 30-year veteran with the EPA.
During the session, Dr. Askew will cover the laboratory requirements for Growers processors and dispensaries.

  • What are the Lab requirements?
  • How Growers processors and dispensaries are connected.
  • How to avoid costly mistakes.
  • California quality plans requirements associated with the California Cannabinoid Quality plans and SOP.

Session length: 1hr

Effort: Attendance, Lecture, Q&A

Location: Online, Live webcast

Subject: California Quality Plan

Type:  45 min lecture and 15 min Question and Answer, total one hour Session with attendance certificate.

Language: English

Video: English

Transcripts: English

This session is created on demand and requires a minimum of 5 seats to a maximum of 50

Meet the Instructor: Edward Askew Ph.D.