Name that Hemp Bug

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Every grower knows the cost of Root Rot. Not  common on outdoor farms, it does impact indoor growers.

What is the primary cause of Root Rot ?


Nicknamed Scales, Scale Insects are a parasitic bug that taps into the plant’s vascular system. A few species feed on fungal mats and fungi. The species is divided into three scientific Insecta groups: (1) Armored Scales, (2) Soft Scales.

What is the name of the third group?


Nicknamed “Plant Lice”, what is the scientific name for this bug ?


Classified as the worst marijuana plants’ enemy.This Virus is everywhere around us and it’s not transmitted by Aphids. The infection can reduce plant vigor by disrupting cellular functioning, reducing yeld and it’s very contagious.

Name this virus?


What is the name of the most common fungus disease that cause blights in crops.?


This white powder will not give your bud a boost.

What is the primary cause of this fungus growth ?


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